Executive Comission
  • Jordi Camí

    Jordi Camí


    CEO of Barcelona Biomedical Recerch Park (PRBB). He is also Professor of Pharmacology (specialist in Clinical Pharmacology) at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona (UPF) and General Director of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation for Alzheimer’s Research 


  • Joaquim Coello

    Joaquim Coello

    Joaquim Coello is the former President of APPLUS and board member of diferent industrial companies. He was formerly president of the Port de Barcelona and was also the second president of Barcelona Global. 

  • Luís Conde

    Luís Conde

    Seeliger & Conde

    Luís Conde is the managing director of Seeliger & Conde, a company specialised in head hunting. Member of the board at Fira de Barcelona and president of Saló Nàutic, the boat show. 

  • Emilio Cuatrecasas

    Emilio Cuatrecasas

    Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira

    Emilio Cuatrecasas is president of Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira, the second largest law firm in Spain. He is also president of Areas. He was President of Barcelona Global until June 2014. Now Mr. Cuatrecasas has been elected as Honorary President of Barcelona Global.

  • Ignasi Ferrer

    Ignasi Ferrer

    Independent Advisor

    Ignasi Ferrer is the Vicepresident of Ship2B and independent advisor. 

  • Pedro Fontana

    Pedro Fontana


    Pedro Fontana is the Executive Preident at Áreas. Mr Fontana also presides over the APD in the Mediterranean area.

  • Michael Goldenberg

    Michael Goldenberg

    Value Retail

    Michael Goldenberg is CEO and Group Corporate Director of Value Retail.

  • Pau Guardans

    Pau Guardans

    Único Hoteles

    President of Único Hoteles & Real State and Honorary Consul in the South Corea Consulate in Barcelona. 

  • Isaac Marcet

    Isaac Marcet


    Founder of PlayGround

  • Andreu Mas - Colell

    Andreu Mas - Colell

    Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology

    President del Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology

  • Jaume Oliu

    Jaume Oliu

    Banc Sabadell

    Director of Corporate Development Projects at Banco Sabadell

  • Heribert Padrol

    Heribert Padrol

    Consultancy firm IplusF

    President and shareholder of Consultancy firm IplusF

  • Enric Picanyol

    Enric Picanyol

    Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira

    Enric Picanyol is Partner at Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira in its corporate group and he has managed the Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira offices in New York and in London.

  • José María Piera

    José María Piera


    Vicepresident Executiu de SCPF

  • Marian  Puig

    Marian Puig


    Marian Puig is President of Barcelona Global and CEO at ISDIN. Mr. Puig holds a MsC in Chemical Engineering by the IQS and a MBA at IMD in Lausanne. 

  • Maria Reig Moles

    Maria Reig Moles

    Reig Capital Group

    Maria Reig, President of Reig Capital, is the founding President of Barcelona Global. 

  • Gonzalo Rodés

    Gonzalo Rodés

    GBS Finanzas

    Gonzalo Rodés is president of GBS in Catalonia. Vice President of Barcelona Global and Vice President of Fundació Príncep de Girona.

  • Josep Lluís Sanfeliu

    Josep Lluís Sanfeliu

    YSIOS Capital

    Josep Lluis Sanfeliu is a partner in the capital risk company, Ysios Capital, which specialises in life sciences.

  • Lluís Seguí

    Lluís Seguí

    Miura Private Equity

    Lluís Seguí is Co-founder of Miura Private Equity, where he serves as Managing Partner and Director.

  • Cecilia Tham

    Cecilia Tham


    MOB Barcelona

  • Lluís Torner

    Lluís Torner


    ICFO Director

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