Individual Partners
  • Antoni Abad Pous
    Abad Pous, Antoni
  • Eva Abans
    Abans, Eva
    EY Catalonia Managing Partner & Transaction Advisory Services Ernst & Young
  • Chelo Abarca
    Abarca, Chelo
    Director of Institutional Relations Amazon España
  • Hannah Abdullah
    Abdullah, Hannah
  • Joan Abellà Barril
    Abellà Barril, Joan
  • Ignacio Abia
    Abia, Ignacio
    President and CEO Olympus
  • Adriana Acevedo
    Acevedo, Adriana
  • Cécile Adam
    Adam, Cécile
    General Manager
  • Montserrat Adan
    Adan, Montserrat
  • Jose Adell Antonio
    Adell Antonio, Jose
    President Grupo Julià
  • José Adell Duacastella
    Adell Duacastella, José
    CEO Grupo Julià
  • Ramon Agenjo
    Agenjo, Ramon
  • Gil Agnew
    Agnew, Gil
    Founding Director New Innergy Growth & Innovation - Conscious Business Innovation New Innergy
  • Oscar Aguer
    Aguer, Oscar
    Vice President ILUMNO
  • Veronica Aguilar
    Aguilar, Veronica
  • Jordi Aguilera
    Aguilera, Jordi
  • Alex Agulló Tàpies
    Agulló Tàpies, Alex
    XXL Comunications
  • Jaume Agustí
    Agustí, Jaume
    Chairman and Co-Founder Zenks World
  • Alberto Agustí Garcia Navarro
    Agustí Garcia Navarro, Alberto
    Real Club de Tenis Barcelona
  • Carlos Aizpún Sardá
    Aizpún Sardá, Carlos
  • Mehdi Alaoui
    Alaoui, Mehdi
    Business Development Senior Manager GE Renewable Energy
  • Enrique Alcántara-García Ferreiro
    Alcántara-García Ferreiro, Enrique
    President APARTUR
  • Joan Alegre Bas
    Alegre Bas, Joan
    General Director at Ediciones Primera Plana, S.A. (El Periódico de Catalunya) Grupo Zeta
  • Salvador Alemany Mas
    Alemany Mas, Salvador
  • Fernando Aleu Pascual
    Aleu Pascual, Fernando
    Chairman Emeritus Queen Sofía Spanish Institute
    Editor and President GRUPO ALESPORT
  • Daniel Alonso
    Alonso, Daniel
    General Director Grupo Julià
  • Pedro Luis Alonso Fernández
    Alonso Fernández, Pedro Luis
    IS Global IS Global
  • Jaime Alonso Stuyck
    Alonso Stuyck, Jaime
    IESE Business School
  • Silvia Alsina
    Alsina, Silvia
    Roman y Asociados S.A.

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