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Barcelona Global International Council Perception Survey

Project's description and mission:

The International Council Perception Survey is a biannual survey sent to the International Council of Barcelona Global with the goal of capturing the global perception of economic development in and the financial attractiveness of Barcelona. The project is spearheaded by the leader of the Barcelona Global International Council, Luis Conde. The council is made up of a large number of professionals linked to Barcelona, through birth or business interest, who live and work abroad in positions of influence with prestigious careers.

Specific objectives of the project:

  • To understand the global positioning of Barcelona in an economic sense
  • To understand Barcelona's capacity to attract international talent and foreign investment
  • To track the progress over time of the economic development of Barcelona
  • To identify specific key aspects of business in Barcelona that need improvement
  • To engage the International Council
  • To gain key insights from the unique perspectives of the International Council members
  • To identify best practices in the home cities and countries of the International Council members

Proponents Partners or partner and team driver:

Luis Conde, the head of the International Council, has spearheaded this initiative. Our research team consists of the following individuals:

Project description:


The objective of this survey is to create a stable group of professionals with ties to Barcelona, living in different cities around the world and ask of them how the economic competitiveness of Barcelona is perceived.

In total, the Barcelona Global International Council Perception Survey consists of 24 prompts, 17 of which measure on a scale of 1 to 5 the degree of agreement or disagreement with question in regards to various topics related to Barcelona Global’s goals. Three are multiple choice questions, two are Net Promoter Score questions, and two are open-ended text response questions.

The survey consists of two parts, one fixed and one mobile. The fixed section – the Monitor section – lets us observe the evolution over time of the perception of business in Barcelona. The mobile section – the Special Report section – allows us to focus our analysis in greater detail on a specific matter of interest for the city, combining quantitative with qualitative questions.


The Monitor’s objective is to analyze over time the evolution of the exterior perception of Barcelona and various aspects related to the economic competitiveness of the city. With this objective in mind, the fixed part of the survey is divided into five distinct sections: 1. Perception of Business Attractiveness 2. Perception of Talent 3. Perception of Quality of Life 4. Perception of Brand 5. Challenges and NPS.

The analysis of these five elements allows us to paint a complete picture of the economic competitiveness of Barcelona.

1. Perception of Business Attractiveness

This section measures the perception of Barcelona as a city of business in a general sense. The perception of the economic and business attractiveness of a city is a key factor in the attraction of investments and the generation of an image that fosters economic development. This section measures the ease of conducting business in Barcelona, the positioning of Barcelona in terms of research and development, and the effectiveness of the business infrastructure and international connectivity of the city.

2. Perception of Talent

This section measures the perception of Barcelona as a city made up of talented professionals. A city known to have many qualified professionals will be attractive to both new businesses and established businesses looking to move abroad. This section particularly measures the capacity of Barcelona to attract new international professionals, especially entrepreneurs looking for new opportunities.

3. Perception of Quality of Life

This section’s objective is to measure the perception of Barcelona as an attractive city for its lifestyle. The quality of life of a city is an important factor in creating an environment that attracts new businesses and foreign talent. It is also a very important factor for local industries, such as tourism. In this section, we measure the perception of Barcelona’s quality of life, cultural offerings, natural environment, and transportation networks.

4. Perception of Brand

In this section, we aim to measure the perception of Barcelona’s brand. Various factors, economic and otherwise, contribute to the creation of a city brand. There is a very fluid relationship between perception of a city and that city’s brand. The known brand of a city affects its international perception, while, in turn, the international perception of a city changes its brand. A city brand combines feelings for, information known about, and abstract opinion of the city. In this section, we analyze the perception of familiarity with Barcelona’s brand and the city’s capacity to be identified as a city of business, as a “smart” city, or as a global city, in addition to asking with which economic sectors the Barcelona brand is associated.

5. Challenges 
and Net Promoter Score

This section of the Monitor asks about the greatest perceived challenges for Barcelona as a city of business and also introduces a Net Promoter Score question. A Net Promoter Score, mostly utilized in retail settings, serves to measure the customer loyalty of a business, based on the recommendations given for a brand or product. For our survey, we have carried out a methodological change. Barcelona, as a business center in which to invest, is the product to recommend. The members of the Barcelona Global International Council are the clients asked about their experience as a consumer of the product – living or conducting business in Barcelona.

Special Report

The Special Report section allows us to carry out detailed analysis on a concrete topic related to the economic competitiveness of Barcelona. The Special Report section always pertains to a topic related to Barcelona Global's long-term goals.

Expected results:

We hope that through our analysis of these two sections, we gain a holistic understanding of the state of Barcelona with respect to business attractiveness. We aim to identify specific areas in which Barcelona's potential does not match the reality of the situation in the city and, in this way, tangibly improve Barcelona. 


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