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City Talent Index, a tool for knowing the position of Barcelona as an atractive city to talent

Project's description and mission:

Everis, corporate protective partner of Barcelona Global puts at the disposal of the organization a project aimed to group in a single tool 64 of the main quantitative indicators associated with the talent in a city and compare it to those of the 25 european cities of reference.

This tool has the aim to know the real position of Barcelona in each of the 64 fields that define the attractiveness of a city in terms of talent and comparing it to the position of the 25 european cities of reference. This has to draw an objective position of Barcelona as a city attractive to talent and to stablish strategies aimed to improve this position.

This information is now dispersed in different websites, publications, reports from institutions or companies, that do not allow to have a global vision of the state of talent in the city. This tool will make it possible to have all this information grouped in a single image, make comparisons and a global positioning of the 25 cities in respect of each of the variables.

Specific objectives of the project:

  • To group different indicators related to the universe of talent in a single tool that is easy to use.
  • To have a tool that allows to compare the position of 25 european cities and to observe their evolution over time.
  • To know the real position of Barcelona in each of the 64 selected indicators.
  • To relate the Barcelona brand to those fields in which the city is strongly attractive to talent and to try to improve the position  in those where there are weaknesses.
  • To use this information as a supporting tool for decision making and supporting the Barcelona Global initiatives.

Proponents Partners or partner and team driver:

Soci coordinador: Sandra Sans (Everis) Equip coordinador EVERIS: Adriana Acevedo, Sergio Marco, Oriol Salat

Project description:

The project led by Everis groups for the first time in a single tool at the disposal of Barcelona Global 64 indicators that are related to the following characteristics:

  • A direct relation to talent or with the conditions that a city attractive to talent has to have. 
  • Data coming from official sources that guarantee the liability of the information.
  • Stability over time in order to track its evolution.
  • Enough information to be able to compare the selected 25 european cities.

Expected results:

To have a single and easy-to-use tool that groups 64 of the main indicators that define the attractiveness of a city in terms of talent, that are currently dispersed in different official websites, reports and publications.

To be able to know the real positioning of Barcelona in respect of the other European cities of reference.


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