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2017 Barcelona Global International Talent Monitor

Project's description and mission:

Barcelona Global has launched in January 2017 the third edition of the International Talent Monitor. The survey will be distributed in April, with final results presented at the end of June 2017.

The first edition, initiated in 2013 by Gonzalo Rodés, President of Barcelona Global, has since been launched every 2 years.

This 2017 edition has been sponsored by Banc Sabadell and launched with the support of Instituto DYM as well as with B. Sebastian Reiche, Associate Professor of Managing People in Organizations at IESE.

Visit the International Talent Monitor website:

Specific objectives of the project:

The survey is devoted to better know and understand the needs and challenges of Barcelonians by choice, talented people who decide to work, live, invest, create, and start up in Barcelona. 

After analyzing the results of the past surveys, Barcelona Global has actively worked towards helping integrate international professionals into the Barcelonian society and business world by launching initiatives such as the Hola Barcelona! Cocktail, the Hola Barcelona! Dinners, the Talent Gate o the Benchmark fiscal.

The targeted participants of the survey are internationals that both live and work in Barcelona:

  • CEOs and Business Executives
  • Principal Investigators of Research Centers
  • Top-Level Investors and Entrepreneurs
  • Creative Minds, Artists and Athletes

The survey asks questions regarding the following subjects:

  • Reasons to Come
  • Working Conditions 
  • Doing Business
  • Social Integration
  • Education
  • Living Conditions
  • Perception of Evolution

Proponents Partners or partner and team driver:

The 2017 version of the survey is designed with the involvement of numerous International Organizations and an Advisor Committee of 20 international experts.

Initiative leader: 

Gonzalo Rodés (President of Barcelona Global)

Project team:

Director: Carine Lebecque

Project Management Intern: Sophia Jumatate

Executive Committee:

  • Gonzalo Rodés (GBS Finanzas)
  • Mateu Hernández (Barcelona Global)
  • Conxa Oliu (Banc Sabadell)
  • Carlos Clavero (DYM Market Research)
  • B. Sebastian Reiche (IESE)

Expected results:

An analytical report containing results obtained about Barcelona’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to the talented international professionals residing in the city.

Information that can lead to the development of strategies and policies that can help improve the welcoming, attraction and retention of international talent in Barcelona.

Positioning the international talent community of Barcelona alongside the city’s civil societies in regards to developing the city

Encourage other international professionals to choose, contribute, and feel comfortable in Barcelona.

Publish the information to make Barcelona an attractive city for international talent, involving different institutional agencies to help improve the conditions of the international talent community and for Barcelona to compete with other cosmopolitan cities around the world.


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